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  • DATE:21/12/2014
  • TIME:08.00 - 20.00
  • LOCATION:Christmas Break


  • DATE:21/12/2014
  • TIME:08.00 - 20.00
  • LOCATION:Day off

Location Head

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What is The Bun Mobile?

In March 2012, The Bun Mobile rolled out as Brisbane’s first gourmet food truck serving up hand crafted steam buns to a small but enthusiastic group of foodies.   The Bun Mobile was the first local business to incorporate social media into its business model to promote daily locations and specials.  The Bun Mobile has built an avid and loyal fan base who provide suggestions for new locations and daily specials. 

The menu of twice cooked pork, teriyaki chicken or wagyu beef classics and daily changing specials and vegetarian offerings satiate the hungry mouths of Brisbanites who crave excellent food for less than $10 without comprising value and taste. Using quality local ingredients, The Bun Mobile boasts a fusion of world flavours which has created an exotic twist delivering high-end food at street level prices to Brisbane’s suburbs.

Since its inception, talk of the Bun Mobile has spread far and wide.  The New York Times reported in its Travel Section that the truck is one of the best eateries in Brisbane on or off wheels.  Over the past year, it featured on several Taiwanese, Singapore and Indonesian television shows.

To date, Veteran chef Harold Fleming and wife Christine have steered their sunny blue Bun Mobile mainly around the south side of Brisbane, satisfying Brisbane’s bun cravings.

Now there’s a shiny red Bun Mobile has joined its twin to spread more bun love.  Daniel Clark and wife Natasha Mc Carthy have hit the road to continue to provide Brisbane’s hungry hordes with high end food for under $10.  Former Executive chef Daniel brings 12 years experience working in restaurants in London, Los Angeles, New York City, Cannes, Cyprus home to Brisbane to serve up steam buns inspired by his own fusion inspired cutting edge cuisine.

Eating at The Bun Mobiles is a two part affair. The first stage is looking them up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or website to find out where both trucks will be on the day of your craving (which will be nearly every day). The second step is locating them around the streets of Brisbane and enjoying their simple and smart food. This makes the adventure all the more enjoyable!

Follow The Bun Mobile on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thebunmobile. Or download the mobile web site by texting BUNS to 0481 296947.

 The Bun Mobiles – coming to a street near you.






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